The future of securities litigation? Shareholders sue RBS (in London) — On the Case

There may be no more glaring example of the shifting terrain for securities litigation than the case against the Royal Bank of Scotland….

In the last week, two shareholder groups have initiated actions against RBS in the UK, claiming that the bank’s prospectus for a $23 billion offering in April 2008 contained material misstatements. One of the groups consists of British and international institutional investors represented by Stewarts, which filed a one-page claim on their behalf at London’s High Court last week. The second group filed an actual complaint against RBS and several board members at the High Court on Wednesday. That group, which is represented by Bird & Bird and includes about 12,000 individual RBS shareholders and more than 100 institutional investors, has said that its claims could top 4 billion pounds. Ellison, who said he has clients “across the board in this litigation,” told me that these are the biggest claims in UK history.

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