May 23 Webcast: ESI Meets CSI — What Every Lawyer Should Know About Technology, Digital Forensics and Handling Data

Whether conducting an internal investigation, engaged in an adversarial dispute or handling a criminal, civil or regulatory enforcement matter, today’s legal practitioners strive to provide definitive answers to critical data-related questions:

  • What sort of digital DNA can turn the tides for a defendant? 
  • Did a witness spoliate or tamper with digital evidence?  
  • What thought-to-be-deleted evidence can be recovered from the unallocated or slack space of a computer, phone or tablet? 
  • What should counsel do when the SEC or some other government entity subpoenas a client’s hard drive?  
  • What are the technological threats posed by so-called “bad leavers (i.e. disgruntled former employees who seek revenge against their former employers)?   

These are just a few of the questions covered by this webcast, which will not only enlighten even the most tech-savvy attorney but will also help attendees avoid the kind of data-handling failures that can result in malpractice claims, disbarment or–even worse–prosecution for an obstruction-related crime. 

This webcast will feature John Reed Stark – John founded and served for 11 years as Chief of the SEC’s Office of Internet Enforcement; taught technology and law courses at Georgetown Law School for 15 years; and now serves as a Managing Director at Stroz Friedberg, a digital risk management firm that specializes in digital forensics, data breach & cybercrime response, electronic discovery, business intelligence & investigation and security risk consulting.  An expert in particular on handling DOJ and SEC data-related matters and on combating bad leavers (see article links above), John will address the issues above and many others, and answer your questions in this free webcast.

To attend this webcast scheduled for Thursday, May 23 at 1 pm Eastern, please sign up below.