Daily Archives: April 29, 2013, 2:33 pm

Delaware judge tells directors: You can run, but liability follows — Reuters

For the second time this year, a judge has warned independent directors of a Delaware corporation with Chinese operations that their personal wealth can be at risk in shareholder lawsuits even after they resign their directorships…. On Thursday, Vice Chancellor Sam Glasscock of Delaware Chancery Court refused to dismiss a lawsuit that seeks to hold current and former directors of…

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SEC official plays down concern about whistleblower program — Reuters

Speaking at a panel discussion in New York, Associate Director of Enforcement Stephen Cohen said officials operating the 20-month-old program are devoting more attention to alleged wrongdoing involving asset management, financial reporting and “sophisticated trading” techniques. He noted that it takes time to sort through the tips, which totaled 3,001 in the first year, and that the mere one award…

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