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SEC Settles Pay-to-Play Case Against Former Goldman Sachs Banker – Compliance Week

Former Goldman Sachs investment banker Neil M.M. Morrison has agreed to pay $100,000 and accept a bar from the securities industry for five years to settle the SEC’s “pay-to-play” charges. The case marks the first time an individual has been barred from the securities industry for such violations. via SEC Settles Pay-to-Play Case Against Former Goldman Sachs Banker – Compliance…

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Why the SEC Needs ‘No-Admit’ Settlements – WSJ

Largely overlooked by both sides, however, are two unintended consequences likely to flow from court-mandated admissions of wrongdoing in SEC cases. First, as in other facets of life, when government policy makes something more difficult and costly, rational people seek alternatives to avoid the increased burden and expense. In the realm of SEC law enforcement, the most obvious alternative would…

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Law: The inner circle – The US Attorney’s Office of the Southern District of New York — FT.com

The most powerful legal fraternity on Wall Street congregated last year at Capitale, a lower Manhattan ballroom that was once the headquarters of the Bowery Savings Bank. As a winter rain fell, federal judges, top regulators, titans of the defence bar and highly paid corporate counsels gathered to honour an institution that helped make them what they are today. It…

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