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BHP Likely to Face US Enforcement Actions over Beijing Olympics Corruption Scandal – IBTimes UK

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) have been investigating the company since 2009 for corruption. “As a part of the US process, the SEC and DOJ have recently notified the group of the issues they consider could form the basis of enforcement actions and discussions are continuing,” the Melbourne, Australia-based company said in…

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India Seeks to Overhaul a Corporate World Rife With Fraud – DealBook

In the wake of global scandals involving kickbacks and accounting fraud, one unlikely country, India, is aiming to set a tone in overhauling its corporate oversight laws. This month, the nation’s upper house of Parliament passed the Companies Bill, 2012, sweeping legislation meant to overhaul auditing, impose stiffer penalties for fraud and create more government oversight of businesses. via India…

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