Enforcement 40 for 2013: John Reed Stark

“Handling technology-related SEC issues and John Reed Stark have become synonymous.  Stark, an attorney and the first and former Chief of the SEC’s Office of Internet Enforcement, has taught a technology a securities regulation course for 15 years at Georgetown Law and published several dozen articles on the subject, building a reputation along the way as the go-to professional for issues pertaining to technology, especially intense digital forensic deep dives, multi-page preservation requests and other data-related demands that the SEC staff have been making as of late.  Stark, Managing Director of Stroz Friedberg (a global investigations, intelligence, and risk services company) has established himself as the data partner of choice for any company involved in an SEC investigation.  Stark has been engaged several times by the SEC to help SEC staff members make sense of technology related issues. He enjoys a solid reputation as a straight shooter and erudite expert both inside and outside SEC enforcement hallways – and as an indispensable trusted adviser of any SEC defense team.”