Daily Archives: October 10, 2013, 8:05 pm

Britain Weighs Creating System to Reward Whistle-Blowers – DealBook

The British government is considering creating a reward system, similar to ones in the United States, to encourage whistle-blowers to come forward to root out fraud and other white-collar crime. The U.K. Home Office said this week that it, along with other government agencies, would examine the “qui tam” provisions in the United States, which allow whistle-blowers to receive a…

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“Show Me the Money” or 14 Million Reasons to Upgrade Your Compliance Program — BakerHostetler

Given the lottery-like nature of the $14 million dollar bounty, employers should expect more employees to disclose potential misconduct to the SEC rather than reporting internally. As the number and value of whistleblower awards increases, it further underscores the need for corporations to be as proactive as possible in ensuring that compliance programs and training are robust and up to…

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Tone at the Top (of the SEC): Tough — The HLS Forum on Corp. Gov. and Fin. Reg.

As the fiscal year comes to a close—even while the Securities and Exchange Commission, amidst the government shutdown, continues to fund its operations through a carryover balance from FY 2013—it is a good time to review recent signs of SEC skepticism regarding financial statement reporting practices and the SEC’s current focus on public company officers, directors, and auditors as targets…

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