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Earnings, but Without the Bad Stuff – NYTimes.com

Twitter is just one of many companies that point shareholders to rosier earnings measures. And when they do so, they’re adhering to a 2002 rule prescribed by the Securities and Exchange Commission in response to the Enron and WorldCom accounting frauds. That rule, known as Regulation G, allows companies to use nontraditional metrics in financial reports, but only if they…

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Australia: ASIC beefs up fight against insider trading, but will convictions flow? – TheBull.com.au

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission is moving to “real-time” monitoring of share trading as another weapon in the ongoing fight against insider trading. But will the use of this form of surveillance technology actually lead to an increase in the number of insider trading cases which are successfully mounted? via asic beefs up fight against insider trading, but will…

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