Daily Archives: November 12, 2013, 3:33 pm

Revolving Door: Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself – Compliance Week

You would think that the noise surrounding the supposed “revolving door” problem would die down given (a) the lack of evidence to support it, and (b) the growing research refuting it, but it never really seems to subside. The latest proposals against this so-called scourge involve half-million dollar annual salaries for government workers and lifetime bans on former regulators. via…

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Former friend of Oliver Curtis tells court how they made millions from insider trades — The Australian

While making millions in their alleged secret insider trades, Sydney banker Oliver Curtis reportedly told his one-time best mate John Hartman over a drink that “there was no easier money in the world being made than this”. Yesterday the two met again in Sydney’s Downing Centre local court in far from easy circumstances — a committal hearing for Mr Curtis,…

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