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Proposed Ponzi Legislation Seeks Sweeping and Controversial Reforms – Ponzitracker

In short, the Bill seeks enactment of a significant set of reforms that would significantly alter many facets of Ponzi jurisprudence, including the determination of customer losses, definition of a customer, and the ability to seek the clawback of avoidance transfers.  While it is not yet clear as to whether all of the above-referenced reforms will actually be included in…

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SEC Enforcement: Talking the Talk, But Walking the Walk? — CLS Blue Sky Blog

Almost everyone has an opinion about securities enforcement.  Many are disappointed (and even angry) that “few high level executives” have been prosecuted (criminally or even civilly) in connection with the 2008 financial crisis.[1]  Deep in their bunker, the SEC still has some diehards who maintain that fraud has been fully prosecuted, but, even there, attitudes are changing.  The shift is…

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