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2013 SEC Enforcement Stats Show Financial Fraud Cases Continue to Dwindle – Compliance Week

The SEC’s just-released enforcement statistics for FY 2013 show that the agency filed just 68 “Financial Fraud/Issuer Disclosure” cases in 2013. These 68 cases represent the fewest financial fraud cases the agency has brought in at least the last 16 years, and mark at least the sixth consecutive year in which the number of financial fraud cases filed has declined.…

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Guest Post: Bankruptcy in Securities Class Actions: Case Outcomes, Individual Liability and Side A Protection — The D & O Diary

…The data indicate that cases involving bankrupt companies are in fact successful for plaintiffs more than are cases against solvent companies. Among cases filed since 2000, only 29% of cases involving bankrupt companies were dismissed or voluntarily dropped, compared to 46% of cases against solvent companies. The low rate of dismissal for these cases suggests that they may be more meritorious than…

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