Monthly Archives: February 2014

Details on the Case Underlying the SEC’s $14 Million Whistleblower Award – Compliance Week

Details on the most significant whistleblower award issued to date by the SEC’s Office of the Whistleblower finally emerged today. The $14 million award, which was issued on September 30, 2013, is reportedly the result of a case filed in February 2013 that returned over $147 million to investors. via Details on the Case Underlying the SEC’s $14 Million Whistleblower…

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Supreme Court Rules Allen Stanford Ponzi-Scheme Victims Can Sue Third Parties – Law Blog – WSJ

Victims of R. Allen Stanford’s $7 billion Ponzi scheme can sue law firms and other third parties on allegations they aided the fraud, the Supreme Court ruled Wednesday.  The court, in a 7-2 ruling written by Justice Stephen Breyer, said the victims’ class-action lawsuits were allowed even though a 1998 federal law largely prohibits state-law class-action claims for securities fraud.…

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