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President Requests SEC Budget of $1.7B for FY 2015, But Will Congress Go Along? – Compliance Week

Yesterday, President Barack Obama proposed a fiscal year 2015 budget of $1.7 billion for the Securities and Exchange Commission–a 26% increase over the agency’s FY 2014 budget. The fact that the president is seeking $1.7 billion for the SEC is hardly the end of the agency’s budget story for FY 2015, however. via President Requests SEC Budget of $1.7B for…

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The SEC Has Never Prevailed In An FCPA Enforcement Action When Put To Its Ultimate Burden Of Proof — FCPA Professor

This recent Wall Street Journal article highlighted how the SEC’s win rate at trials has slipped.  According to the article: “[The SEC has] won 55% of its trials since October [2013], a sharp drop after three consecutive years when it prevailed more than 75% of the time.” There has never been an SEC Foreign Corrupt Practices Act trial, but the above percentages are…

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Court weighs securities fraud class-action cases today — AP

The Supreme Court is considering whether to abandon a quarter-century of precedent and make it tougher for investors to band together to sue corporations for securities fraud. The justices hear arguments Wednesday in an appeal by Halliburton that seeks to block a class-action lawsuit claiming the energy services company inflated its stock price. via Court weighs securities fraud class-action cases —…

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