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All Five Madoff Employees Found Guilty Of Fraud – Law Blog – WSJ

Five former employees of Bernie Madoff were found guilty on Monday of helping the imprisoned Ponzi schemer perpetrate the largest financial fraud in history. The defendants — two trading managers, two computer programmers and his firm’s director of operations — were found guilty of securities fraud and of conspiracy to defraud investors. via All Five Madoff Employees Found Guilty Of Fraud…

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How a Former Executive Went Undercover for Prosecutors – WSJ.com

Mr. Bistrong, 51 years old, was released from prison in December—having done time for conspiring to bribe officials to win contracts from the United Nations and several foreign countries. (Mr. Bistrong’s former company, Armor, from which he was fired, settled allegations related to him with the Justice Department and Securities and Exchange Commission in 2011, paying more than $15 million…

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