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Supreme Court Strikes Middle Ground on Securities Fraud Lawsuits – Law Blog – WSJ

The securities-fraud lawsuit isn’t dead, though a Supreme Court ruling handed down Monday has left it wounded. The high court gave companies more ability to knock down securities-fraud lawsuits brought by investors, but it declined to overturn the controversial legal doctrine that has underpinned investor class actions for more than two decades. via Supreme Court Strikes Middle Ground on Securities…

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A Few Compliance Lessons from Convicted Insider Trader Scott London – Compliance Week

Scott London, the former KPMG audit partner who pleaded guilty to insider trading in June 2013, is still set to participate in a June 27, 2014 webcast on accounting ethics before he heads off to prison on July 18. For those who cannot wait until then, however, MarketWatch recently interviewed London for this article which sheds some light on why London did what he did–and how…

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