Enforcement Hall of Fame: Hon. Irving Pollack

Irv Pollack was the SEC’s first Director of Enforcement and the only individual to ever serve as Director of the Divisions of Enforcement and Market Regulation and to then go on to serve as a Commissioner. He set the standard for collaboration between the Divisions. He led the effort to dismantle the silos between the Divisions and created a stand-alone Division of Enforcement to lead investigations, litigation and administrative efforts to resolve disputes involving the program areas overseen by each of the operating divisions.”

“Later, Mr. Pollack was instrumental, as the court-appointed Claims Administrator in the Prudential Securities limited partnership case, in supervising the distribution of $1 billion to investors — one of the largest and most complex settlements in SEC history. In so doing, he showed the defense bar how these types of matters can be overseen, setting an extraordinary precedent and laying the path for this kind of engagement. Today Mr. Pollack is as ambitious as ever, running Pollack and Storch where he represents individuals and entities before the SEC.”