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Wall Street Targets Urge NY Judges to Hobble the SEC | Litigation Daily

Now three of Rakoff’s colleagues in the Southern District of New York—U.S. District Judges Katherine Forrest, Lewis Kaplan and William Pauley III—have the chance to reject or expand on Rakoff’s reasoning. Since March a string of defendants has taken aim at the SEC’s administrative proceedings in federal court, echoing Gupta’s challenge and attacking the constitutionality of the SEC’s stable of…

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SEC Says House Trading Probe Hindered by Court Delays – WSJ

Prosecutors gathering evidence into whether congressional staff helped tip Wall Street traders to a change in health-care policy have hit a snag: a sluggish court system. A Securities and Exchange Commission attorney said Friday that delays by the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York have “impeded” its investigation. via SEC Says House Trading Probe Hindered by…

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