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How Alstom Executives Made Bribery Their Business for Over a Decade – Bloomberg

Alstom SA executives won several billions of dollars worth of business in Saudi Arabia a decade ago by making at least $49 million in illegal payments in part through middlemen the company called “Mr. Paris” and “Quiet Man.” The bribes were among those the French power company made in five countries over more than 10 years, prosecutors in Washington said.…

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SEC faults rating firms for rule lapses, lax cybersecurity — Dow Jones Newswires

In two annual SEC staff reports based on reviews of the 10 credit-rating firms registered with the agency, it said the industry’s largest players lacked sufficient internal systems to prevent the “misuse or inappropriate dissemination” of sensitive or restricted information about the firms and entities they rate. But the agency said rating firms have added compliance resources as well as…

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