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SEC Shifts Focus to Ratings Firms, Fund Valuations As Crisis-Era Cases Fade – MoneyBeat – WSJ

In a sign the pipeline for crisis-era cases has largely run dry, the SEC renamed the unit that brought many of its cases for shoddy mortgage securities that allegedly fueled the 2008 financial crisis. The “Structured and New Products Unit” is being renamed the “Complex Financial Instruments” unit, SEC Enforcement Director Andrew Ceresney will tell the U.S. House financial services…

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Thinking About the Data Breach Securities Class Action Lawsuits Yet to Come | The D&O Diary

There are reasons to be modest about these types of predictions; there have been past predictions and speculations about possible data breach-related securities lawsuits, but so far, there has been little action in that department. But I do think there are reasons to be concerned that there may be significant securities class action litigation related to data breaches in the…

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