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Rolling Stone’s Rape Story Retraction: Lessons for the Compliance Practitioner | FCPA Compliance and Ethics Blog

For the compliance practitioner there are several clear lessons to be drawn from this horrific scandal. Most people have somewhere heard the journalistic technique of a second source to confirm information. It was enshrined in a scene from the movie version of All The President’s Men. In any process there must be validation of said process. You can easily remember…

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Andy Kessler: Instead of Attacking Insider Trading, Make Everyone an Insider – WSJ

That’s why the best solution is to eliminate insiders. Make companies post product sales information more often—every day or even in real time. Spray investors with a fire hose of information. A great model is WisdomTree, a manager of exchange-traded funds. Every day on its investor-relations Web page, the firm posts assets under management and average fees and so anyone…

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