Daily Archives: April 22, 2015, 12:25 pm

“Friends” Who Trade on Inside Information: How United States v. Newman Changes the Law | K&L Gates

We explore below the impact of Newman on tips to friends, a common scenario in insider trading prosecutions.  We also look at how lower courts have reacted to Newman and have already rejected the SEC’s argument that Newman does not apply to insider trading cases brought under the misappropriation theory. We conclude that the government will not be able to…

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The gripping story of how an accountant took on Halliburton and won — Business Insider

The email that ruined Tony Menendez’s life arrived on a warm and sunny February afternoon in 2006…. The email was sent by Mark McCollum, Halliburton’s chief accounting officer, and a top-ranking executive at Halliburton, where Menendez worked. It was addressed to much of the accounting department. “The SEC has opened an inquiry into the allegations of Mr. Menendez,” it read.…

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Compliance officers required under new Ukraine anti-corruption law – The FCPA Blog

On April 26, a new law requiring companies to have compliance programs will come into effect in Ukraine. The law applies to almost all companies participating in public tenders and to state owned enterprises over a certain size. Among other things, it requires companies to appoint a compliance officer with responsibility for implementing the compliance program and reporting to shareholders.…

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