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High Tech, Fantasy Accounting – The New York Times

But there’s a more troubling aspect of the current exuberance for technology stocks: the degree to which so many of the popular companies with premium-priced shares promote financial results and measures that exclude their actual costs of doing business. These companies, in effect, highlight performance that is based more on fantasy than on reality. High Tech, Fantasy Accounting – The…

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SEC’s Gallagher says agency unfairly cracks down on compliance officers — InvestmentNews

The actions show a tendency by the agency to punish compliance officers for violations of an SEC rule, known as 206(4)-7, that requires firms to write and implement compliance programs, according to Mr. Gallagher. As a result, the SEC is “sending a troubling message that CCOs should not take ownership of their firm’s compliance policies and procedures … or worse,…

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State Street says SEC unit wants to sue over its use of consultants, lobbyists to win business — AP

State Street Corp. provides money-handling services to pension funds and other big investors. The SEC has been investigating the way the company solicited the business of public retirement plans in two states. The company says the issues involve its use of consultants and lobbyists, and political contributions made by a consultant during and after a public bidding process. The company…

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