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Cyber Defense in the Boardroom: Leveraging the Financial Oversight Paradigm — Nasdaq Governance Clearinghouse

Hardly a day goes by in legal and consultant circles when some expert somewhere is not opining on the need for corporate boards to bring a greater sense of urgency to address the growing business risk of cyber-attacks. Yet, even the most experienced commentators are underestimating the threat of cyber-attacks, and—even more importantly—overlooking a glaring history lesson that sits in…

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DOJ Crim Chief Wants to Make a Deal | Law.com

Assistant U.S. Attorney General Leslie Caldwell was in San Francisco Thursday to give a keynote speech at the Securities Enforcement Forum West, a gathering of federal law enforcement officials and white-collar attorneys—and many, like Caldwell, who have been on both sides. Caldwell, who heads the U.S. Justice Department’s 600-lawyer Criminal Division, sat down with The Recorder to talk about a…

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