Daily Archives: June 10, 2016, 2:35 pm

My New eBook: ‘The Cybersecurity Due Diligence Handbook’

The stakes are extraordinarily high for everyone involved when contemplating cybersecurity.  That is why I wrote The Cybersecurity Due Diligence Handbook.  My goal is to present highly technical cybersecurity subject matter in plain English and to help due diligence teams identify and manage cybersecurity risk. I also aim to create an indispensable flight manual that a due diligence team could…

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Federal Agencies Joining the Data Security Enforcement Action Bandwagon – The D&O Diary

Until now, the primary federal agency regulating data security has been the Federal Trade Commission. Indeed, in August 2015, the Third Circuit in the Wyndham Worldwide case affirmed the FTC’s regulatory enforcement authority against companies failing to take appropriate action to protect consumer financial information. However, other federal regulatory agencies are now increasing asserting their authority with respect to data…

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How Nasdaq watches for insider trading – MarketWatch

The MarketWatch team reviewed 387,260 surveillance alerts in 2015, resulting in 689 referrals to Finra for further review and drill-down on the activity at the brokerage firm level. Finra has its own proprietary market surveillance software, called Sonar, that it uses to identify activity for review. That surveillance is supplemented by the referrals and tips from customers, the public or…

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