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Is the SEC Creeping Between Law Firms, Auditors and Public Companies? (Perspective) | Big Law Business

Like many auditors, Berman had inserted a clause into his contract that required MusclePharm to pay his legal expenses in the event of such an investigation. But the SEC didn’t like that arrangement. This March, the SEC filed an action against him, in effect telling Berman to pay his own legal expenses if he wanted to be considered an independent auditor. In the SEC’s view,…

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After setbacks, N.Y. prosecutors resume insider trading crackdown | Reuters

Federal prosecutors in Manhattan are pursuing insider trading cases on a pace not seen since 2012 – before a major appellate ruling limited their ability to bring charges against hedge fund managers and other traders. So far this year, U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, known for high-profile prosecutions of wrongdoing on Wall Street, has announced charges against 11 people for insider…

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