Daily Archives: December 1, 2016, 5:42 pm

Enron Still Matters, 15 Years After Its Collapse – The New York Times

Where were you on Dec. 2, 2001? It is not a cocktail party icebreaker question, but rather a test of perspective and experience. Because 15 years ago on that day, the energy giant Enron filed for bankruptcy protection, prompting a chain of seminal legislative, regulatory and public policy developments that influence corporate governance practices to this day. A new generation…

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Can Cybersecurity Whistleblowers Receive Monetary Awards from the SEC? – Lexology

The viability of a cybersecurity whistleblowing tip under the SEC Whistleblower Reward Program is no longer a question. In June 2016, the SEC announced a $1 million penalty levied against Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC for cybersecurity violations that, when coupled with a related criminal action, totaled $1.6 million. We may never know whether a whistleblower provided information in this…

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SEC to Face More Pressure on Enforcement Forum Choices | Bloomberg BNA

Republican lawmakers want to curb the SEC’s authority to bring enforcement actions using in-house tribunals—unless the agency moves first. Parties sued in the administrative forum could move the case to federal court under legislation (H.R. 5983) approved in September by the House Financial Services Committee. via SEC to Face More Pressure on Enforcement Forum Choices | Bloomberg BNA

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