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A “Tidal Wave of Change” in Merger Objection Litigation | The D&O Diary

In response to concerns that virtually every merger transaction was attracting at least one lawsuit, Delaware’s legislature and judiciary acted to try to cut down on the merger objection litigation in the state’s courts. In 2015, Delaware’s legislature adopted a provision expressly allowing corporations organized under the state’s law to adopt bylaw provisions designating Delaware’s courts as the exclusive forum…

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Satellites catch company faking construction of 100,000 homes, SEC says – CNNMoney

Desarrolladora Homex, once one of Mexico’s leading homebuilders, committed “massive fraud” by faking the construction and sale of 100,000 homes, according to an SEC complaint made public on Friday. Authorities used high-resolution satellite images to uncover the scheme, which they say inflated Homex’s sales by more than $3 billion over three years. via Satellites catch company faking construction of 100,000…

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