Daily Archives: March 22, 2017, 9:51 am

Trump SEC Pick Set for Contentious Reunion With Elizabeth Warren – Bloomberg

Two decades ago, Warren was a little-known law professor at the University of Pennsylvania. Clayton was a Penn law student at the same time. She went on to become the finance industry’s most relentless critic, while he made millions as a lawyer representing big banks and hedge funds. Their paths will cross again Thursday at Clayton’s Senate confirmation hearing, where…

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Why white-collar crooks may be cheering this Jeff Sessions memo — Yahoo Finance

Late last week, President Donald Trump’s budget blueprint was released. Among many other headline-grabbing cuts—the EPA, Meals on Wheels, climate change funding, legal aid for low-income households, and on, and on, and on—it also included a less-noticed $1.1 billion, or 4%, cut to the Department of Justice. The DOJ, of course, includes two divisions of key interest to corporate America,…

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