Daily Archives: May 30, 2017, 3:24 pm

Trump budget threatens SEC’s technology spending — FT

The Trump administration is planning to eliminate a part of the Securities and Exchange Commission budget that the regulator has been using to build tools for identifying insider traders and pursuing enforcement actions. A line item buried in the proposed budget released by the White House last week would scrap a $50m annual “Reserve Fund” created in the Dodd-Frank Act…

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When ‘Political Intelligence’ Meets Insider Trading – The New York Times

Proving the insider trading charges will hinge on how broadly the rules for tipping confidential information apply when there is not a clear link between the source of the information inside a government agency and the traders who received it secondhand. The government claims that Deerfield’s funds made about $3.5 million in illicit profits. via When ‘Political Intelligence’ Meets Insider…

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