Daily Archives: July 26, 2017, 10:12 am

SEC Issues Whistleblower Award to Federal Agency Employee for First Time | National Law Journal

The Securities and Exchange Commission on Tuesday awarded nearly $2.5 million to a government worker who helped regulators launch an investigation and eventually crack down on a company’s misconduct, the first such whistleblower bounty issued to an employee of a government agency. As is typical in these cases, the SEC offered no identifying details about the employee, the government agency, or the…

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Ex-SEC Regulators Sean McKessy, Linda Thomsen Spar on Whistleblowing | National Law Journal

Central to the question is Dodd-Franks definition of a whistleblower as someone who brings information “to the commission.” The SEC has taken a broad view of whistleblower protections, interpreting the law to extend also to employees who only report internally. But companies, fighting to shut down the retaliation claims of fired employees, have argued the protections dont extend to those…

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