Daily Archives: August 2, 2017, 12:22 pm

This Lawyer Is Making It Less Profitable to Sue When Companies Merge – Bloomberg

Duggan was upset. A retired lawyer himself, he knew about “disclosure-only” settlements like this one. Someone would sue a company involved in a merger for failing to provide a piece of information that might be relevant to the merger deal and then settle when the company agreed to disclose it. The plaintiffs wouldn’t get any money—but the lawyers would have…

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Cybersecurity Compliance Gets Tougher – Markets Media

The bad news for financial institutions is that this elevated focus on cybersecurity will make meeting their cyber-security regulatory mandates only more challenging as more jurisdictions ramp up their cyber-security requirements. The laws are changing all the time as New York, Colorado, and Connecticut enhance their cybersecurity laws, said Chad Pinson, managing director at Stroz Friedberg during a panel discussion…

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