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Sept. 26 Webcast: What Every C-Suite Executive Needs to Know Right Now About the Equifax Data Breach

The recent Equifax data breach is perhaps the largest in history and has barraged the company and its senior executives with a complex and challenging range of legal, financial and technological issues — issues that every corporation and its outside counsel will inevitably (and unfortunately) encounter. In this timely webcast, John Reed Stark, seasoned data response professional and former Chief…

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Telia disgorges $457 million to SEC, agrees to $965 million in total penalties for FCPA offenses – The FCPA Blog – The FCPA Blog

The SEC said in an enforcement order Thursday that Sweden’s Telia Company AB will disgorge $457 million to resolve FCPA violations in Uzbekistan. Combined with $548.6 million in criminal penalties against the company reflected Thursday in court filings by the DOJ, less a $40 million offset, Telia will pay $965 million for the settlement. via Telia disgorges $457 million to…

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SEC system that was breached is decades old, says former SEC attorney — CNBC

“Certainly a sophisticated threat actor, be it a nation-state or organized crime or some other person with those sort of inclinations, could very easily find ways into the system.” However, former SEC counsel Bradley Bondi told “Closing Bell” he was very surprised by the intrusion given the tight security in that part of the SEC’s system. “What happened here was…

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