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It’s not too late to be tough on Wall Street – Lexology

Given the Trump administration’s twin policy goals of deregulation and fiscal conservatism, public-private partnership with the private securities bar may be the SEC’s best, and perhaps only, weapon to effectively combat the ever-increasing number of complex financial frauds. President Trump can make good on his campaign promise to “police markets for force and fraud” and restore a powerful tool to…

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Lynn Tilton: It took ‘many tens of millions of dollars’ to beat skewed SEC system — Reuters

Tilton told me she only won because she had the money to muster an army of lawyers from Gibson Dunn & Crutcher to nullify the SEC’s structural advantage in the case. The commission sued Tilton in an administrative proceeding, rather than an enforcement action in federal court. That meant the case against her was tried before an SEC administrative law…

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