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Should hedge funds be concerned about the risk of insider trading on alternative data?

The investment landscape is changing rapidly and asset managers are finding themselves in an arms race for new forms of alternative data. Everything from mobile phone location data to internet of things (IoT) data about crop yields, are being scraped, sanitised, packaged and sold on to investment managers looking for an edge when making decisions. But the brave new world…

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In Unusual Sentence, Ex-Dewey & LeBoeuf CFO Avoids Jail Time | The American Lawyer

Joel Sanders, the former chief financial officer at now-defunct Dewey & LeBoeuf, avoided a prison term on Tuesday when a New York State Supreme Court justice instead ordered him to pay a $1 million fine and perform 750 hours of community service. The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office had urged for the maximum sentence under his May 2017 conviction: One-and-a-third to…

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