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What Is the Nature of a Digital Coin? Paris Hilton Might Know, but the S.E.C. Doesn’t | The New Yorker

This week, the Securities and Exchange Commission made an odd, veiled threat, in the form of a short notice on its Web site, “Statement on Potentially Unlawful Promotion of Initial Coin Offerings and Other Investments by Celebrities and Others.” The commission didn’t use any names, but those in the know had little doubt: its warning was meant for Paris Hilton.…

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Equifax Hack: Special committee says no insider trading – Business Insider

The special committee’s report concluded that “none of the four executives had knowledge of the incident when their trades were made, that pre-clearance for the four trades was appropriately obtained, that each of the four trades at issue comported with Company policy, and that none of the four executives engaged in insider trading.” via Equifax Hack: Special committee says no insider…

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