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Want a Refund for Tokens Bought in an ICO? You May be Entitled to One . . . | John Reed Stark, LinkedIn

Issuers, promoters, curators, sponsors, facilitators, so-called “finders,” investment banks, law firms, affiliates and anyone else connected to Internet Coin Offerings (“ICOs”), the method by which startups or other parties can issue cryptographic tokens in an effort to fund or bootstrap a new blockchain network, should be on notice. Thanks to a range of U.S. securities statutes, rules and regulations, ICO token…

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The SEC’s Greed Is Coming Back to Bite It – Bloomberg

Anyway some lawyers read the Kokesh opinion in that particular way and brought this class-action lawsuit against the SEC a couple of weeks ago. Delightfully the class of victims/plaintiffs in the lawsuit is securities fraudsters: Specifically, it’s “all persons or entities from whom the SEC has collected, during the period from October 26, 2011 to the present, purported ‘disgorgement,’” with some fairly minor-seeming exceptions.…

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