Daily Archives: December 11, 2017, 9:10 pm

With markets going crypto-crazy, SEC chairman weighs in | TechCrunch

Clayton addresses his comments to both Main Street investors and financial services and market professionals that are selling the new financial products — and he has choice words for both. A tl;dr of the statement yields three main principles. For investors, it’s buyer beware. For market professionals: coin offerings are securities. And for market makers: you may be in violation…

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U.S. Supreme Court Grants Cert in Yet Another Case Securities Law Case | The D&O Diary

I have had this perception for several years now that the U.S. Supreme Court recently has been particularly keen to take up securities cases. It turns out that this perception has a basis in objective fact. A recent paper by University of Toledo law school Professor Eric Chafee confirms that since John Roberts became Chief Justice in 2005, the Court…

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Chinese Regulator Cracks Down on Booming Hedge-Fund Industry – Bloomberg

China’s securities regulator is cracking down on the fast-growing hedge-fund industry, investigating 10 cases of alleged wrongdoing. Officials are probing private fund practices including market manipulation, misappropriation of client funds, insider trading and trading by managers using their personal accounts, the China Securities Regulatory Commission said in a statement on its website Friday. Some funds used the Hong Kong-Shanghai stock…

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