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How to Manage Cyber-Whistleblower Risk

This article discusses the application of existing whistleblower protections for those making allegations regarding data breaches and cybersecurity deficiencies. We also recommend practical steps that public companies can take to tailor their compliance and internal investigations procedures to prepare for the intersection of these issues and assure a consistent approach when addressing cybersecurity whistleblower issues. via How to Manage Cyber-Whistleblower Risk.

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How to Respond to an SEC Subpoena: The Top Ten Tips for Cryptocurrency Entities | Crowdfund Insider

Receiving a government subpoena can be jarring. However, following a few simple but important steps can help you handle the SEC’s requests responsibly and minimize fallout. To help navigate these challenging waters, consider this list of top ten tips if you receive, or think you could soon receive, a subpoena or other request for information from the SEC. via How…

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