Daily Archives: April 6, 2018, 12:34 pm

Hedge Fund Draws Spotlight as Ex-Trader Testifies at Trial – Bloomberg Quint

Washington’s “political intelligence” industry was supposed to be the focus of an insider-trading trial under way in Manhattan. But it’s Deerfield Management that’s in the spotlight in the early proceedings. Former Deerfield trader Jordan Fogel told jurors Thursday how he and others used non-public information they got from a health-care industry consultant to make millions of dollars for the hedge…

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SEC Awards More Than $2.2 Million to Whistleblower Who First Reported Information to Another Federal Agency Before SEC

The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced a whistleblower award of more than $2.2 million to a former company insider whose tips helped the agency open an investigation that led to an enforcement action.  The whistleblower first reported the information to another federal agency and later provided the same information to the SEC. via SEC Awards More Than $2.2 Million…

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