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Opinion | Insider Trading Laws Haven’t Kept Up With the Crooks – The New York Times

The uncertainty in insider trading law invites debate over the legality of misconduct that has no place in our markets. But this is a fixable problem: The law can be updated and made clearer. Ideally, Congress would take the lead. But bipartisan proposals to update the law have languished for years. The S.E.C., however, does have the authority to clarify…

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Ten Questions the SEC Probably Has for Google | LinkedIn

What a mess. Let the onslaught of scrutiny begin, which in my opinion will undoubtedly include an investigation by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the federal regulator tasked with policing the disclosures to shareholders by public companies like Google. But what precisely will the SEC want to know?  Assuming I am right about an ongoing SEC investigation, this…

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The S.E.C. Dusts Off a Never-Used Cyber Enforcement Tool – The New York Times

Five years ago, the Securities and Exchange Commission adopted a rule requiring investment firms to pay attention to identity theft. It never enforced it — until late last month. In a cease-and-desist order against Voya Financial Advisors, the investment advisory unit of Voya Financial, the commission used the “Identity Theft Red Flags Rule” to censure the firm for allowing hackers…

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