Daily Archives: November 3, 2018, 11:26 am

U.S. SEC collects nearly $4 billion in fines, disgorgement in fiscal 2018 | Reuters

The Securities and Exchange Commission assessed $3.945 billion in disgorgement and penalties across 821 enforcement actions in fiscal 2018, the agency’s enforcement division said in its annual report on Friday. The total was a slight uptick in activity for the SEC, which reported just 754 actions in fiscal 2017 totaling $3.7 billion in disgorgement and penalties. via U.S. SEC collects…

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SEC Foreign Bribery Chief Says ‘Additional Industries’ Are Drawing Enforcement Attention | National Law Journal

Charles Cain, the head of the commission’s FCPA unit, said that while oil and gas and pharmaceutical industries, among others, “are always going to be repeat players because of the nature of their businesses … you are seeing some additional industries come to the front as far as getting enforcement action.” “A couple years back, everyone was surprised when financial…

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