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Effective Cybersecurity and Data Protection Legislation Should Protect Whistleblowers | Compliance and Enforcement

Congress should act to protect cybersecurity whistleblowers because information security has never been so important, or so challenging.  In the wake of a barrage of shocking revelations about data breaches and companies mishandling of customer data, a bipartisan consensus has emerged in support of legislation to give consumers more control over their personal information, require companies to disclose how they…

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SEC Policy Incentivizing Whistleblowers Weakened by Ruling, Lawyers Say – WSJ

But whistleblower lawyers don’t expect many more awards born from the SEC’s policy incentivizing internal reporting. The Supreme Court last year issued an opinion in a case involving Digital Realty Trust Inc. that said antiretaliation protections for whistleblowers provided by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act extend only to those who provide tips directly to the SEC—regardless…

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