Daily Archives: July 1, 2019, 1:24 pm

Securities Suit Filings Remain at Heightened Pace in Year’s First Half | The D&O Diary

During the first six months of 2019, federal court securities class action lawsuit filings remained well above historical levels and roughly on pace with the elevated filing levels in 2018. The number of federal court securities suit filings was significantly increased by the number of federal court merger objection lawsuit filings; however, even disregarding the merger objection lawsuit filings, the…

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Inside the members-only Tramp Club at the heart of an insider-trading scandal – The Middletown Press

“You know Walid?” asks the young receptionist at the discreet entrance on 40 Jermyn St. in London’s high-end Mayfair district. The answer can determine whether you get into Tramp, a private members’ club famous for “50 years of celebrity debauchery” that’s been graced by Frank Sinatra, the Beatles and Rihanna. It has gained fresh notoriety as the epicenter of London’s…

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Former Equifax executive sent behind bars for insider trades, profiting on data breach | ZDNet

A former Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Equifax has been issued a prison sentence for insider trading on the firm’s disastrous data breach before the incident became public knowledge. Jun Ying served as the CIO of the credit rating agency’s US Information Solutions arm at the time a 2017 data breach resulted in the exposure and theft of information belonging…

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