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Tipper X: The Wall Street Informant

Hardin was dropping off his dry cleaning on July 8, 2008 at 55th Street and Eighth Avenue when a man behind him asked “Are you Tom?” He turned around and there were two FBI agents in front of him. They sat down at Wendy’s, and the agents told him that they knew about the four illegal trades he had made.…

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A Roadmap For President Trump’s Crypto-Crackdown | LinkedIn

Even more significant than the political oddities of President Trump’s crypto-position, are the practical ramifications for the cryptocurrency marketplace. What should the cryptocurrency industry and marketplace expect now that the White House has officially taken such a loud, clear and unqualified anti-cryptocurrency position? Broken up into two parts, this article provides a possible roadmap of the machinations of a Trump-led crypto-crackdown.…

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“Increasingly Likely” Climate Change Liability Risks | The D&O Diary

… In connection with the event, on July 11, 2019 the Clyde & Co law firm published an excellent, comprehensive paper on climate change developments and risks, entitled “Climate Change: Liability Risks for Businesses, Directors and Officers – The Coming Wave of Litigation” (here). This paper provides an overview of the challenges that businesses face as a result of climate…

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