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Insider Trading Policies and Training: Time for a Refresher? | Corporate Counsel

Technology advancements have enabled employees to work seamlessly from home and public places. Companies are embracing remote work options to cultivate a more satisfied and productive workforce. However, a negative consequence of this otherwise positive trend is that employees routinely remove sensitive company documents from the secure confines of their offices and company databases. Unprotected confidential information is susceptible to…

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Isn’t It Ironic? Litigation Funding Firm Hit With Securities Suit | The D&O Diary

In a development that some may find more than a little bit ironic, U.K.-based litigation finance firm Burford Capital has been hit with a securities class action lawsuit following a drop in its share price after a short seller published a report questioning the company’s financial reporting. Burford has denied the short seller’s allegations and has also raised interesting questions…

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