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Regulatory Moves Show Financial Watchdogs Working Smarter, if Not Harder – Lexology

The Commission is also analyzing “big data” to identify patterns of suspected insider trading. During a panel at the Securities Enforcement Forum 2019 on October 23, 2019, presented by Securities Docket, in Washington, D.C., Joseph Brenner, Chief Counsel of the SEC’s Enforcement Division, stated that 20% of the Commission’s insider trading cases are generated through data analysis by the Market…

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Australian Securities Class Action Suit Reaches Judgment for the First Time | The D&O Diary

Securities class action lawsuits have been an important part of the litigation scene in Australia for many years. But even though the current class action procedural regime has been in place since 1992, no Australian securities class action lawsuit ever went all the way to judgment – that is, no case ever went to judgment until last week. On October…

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