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Commentary: Despite Reprieve, U.S. Congress Should Resist the Pull of EU Financial Regulations | Best Countries | US News

CONGRESS HAS ORDERED A review of the implications of adopting European Union-style policies in U.S. capital markets – and rightfully so. Many U.S. firms shadow European rules as they try to operate on either side of the Atlantic, and pressure is growing on the Securities and Exchange Commission to adopt many of the rules formulated in Brussels. The SEC recently…

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SEC’s Settlements With Some Cryptocurrency Firms Showing Cracks – WSJ

The firms collectively raised about $40 million through illegal sales of digital tokens during the height of the cryptocurrency boom in 2017, when over $5.4 billion was raised. In exchange for paying lower fines, the companies were supposed to meet the Securities and Exchange Commission’s fundraising rules. The agency touted the pacts as a template for resolving similar cases. But…

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