Daily Archives: April 10, 2020, 8:11 am

SEC Enforcement Expected To Surge On COVID Volatility – Law360

Following the erratic stock market swings fueled by the COVID-19 crisis, attorneys expect a surge in U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission investigations tackling a broad range of potential violations, from outright fraud to disclosure issues. The SEC will put investment firms, broker-dealers and public companies under the microscope, closely examining the activities of corporate insiders, fund investment guidelines and risk…

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Goldman Sachs picks global regulatory head, compliance chief – InvestorDaily

An investment banking giant has appointed a new global head of regulatory affairs and a chief compliance officer. Kathryn Ruemmler has joined the group as its global head of regulatory affairs while Michael Richman has taken the role of chief compliance officer. Ms Ruemmler will oversee the management of the firm’s regulatory infrastructure, including Goldman Sachs’ interactions with banking regulators,…

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Crypto faces ‘The man who took on Wall Street’ | Modern Consensus.

Eleven cryptocurrency issuers and exchanges including Tron, Block.one, and Binance were hit with class action lawsuits over their initial coin offerings last week. The cases were filed on April 3, the last day possible under the statute of limitations. That was a year to the day after the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission issued its long-awaited “plain English” guidance on what makes…

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