Daily Archives: May 9, 2020, 9:36 am

A Guide to Representing Parties in SEC Investigations in the Time of Coronavirus – Lexology

As defense counsel sit home multitasking among obligations to their clients, their firms, their family, friends and community, the financial regulators and enforcers have given every indication that the quarantines required by the coronavirus pandemic will not slow their enforcement efforts. Enforcement staff continues to open new investigations and pursue existing ones. As practitioners know, investigative steps include requests for…

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The SEC’s China Evasion – WSJ

In an unprecedented public statement, the chairmen of the SEC and the PCAOB, along with SEC senior staff, warned investors that disclosures by SEC-registered companies from emerging markets may be incomplete and misleading. The commission’s cross-border regulation, oversight and enforcement—especially for activity from China—can’t be relied upon, the regulators said. We don’t question the need for skepticism in evaluating companies’…

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