Daily Archives: May 22, 2020, 9:32 am

“Silent Cyber” and Fiduciary Liability Claims | The D&O Diary

As I have noted in prior posts (most recently here), an important concern these days for insurance industry observers and commentators is “silent cyber” — that is, the coverage for cyber-related losses under traditional property and casualty insurance policies, as opposed to purpose-built cyber insurance policies. For example, in one recent case (discussed here), a court found coverage for cyber…

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Lucid Motors Snags General Counsel From Rival Tesla | Law.com

Electric car maker Lucid Motors Inc. has picked up a new general counsel from rival Tesla Inc.’s legal department, which still remains without a named top lawyer after losing three general counsel last year. Lucid announced this week that it hired former Tesla deputy general counsel Jonathan Butler to serve as the Newark, California-based company’s general counsel and vice president. Butler,…

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